Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Kiwi- There might be... Twins?

I can't believe it... There are... Tw-Tw-Twins! No more Baby Kiwi! Welcome to the family:
 shahzeb master three hundred thousand macklemore kiwi McElwee seven hundred thousand 8 hundred 92 point 5 hundred and ninety nine nine nine repeated jr.!
Or Baby Shay May for short <3
Kind of like with Keabway, I was in a lot of pain, and in a Skype call when I had the baby, but the Father, nor Godfather was there, only Godmother. Still thinking if I should make a new blog, or keep it on this blog, or change the name of this blog to include  Baby Shay May! 
 It's going to be hard with twins, fraternal twins. What's next, triplets?  Oh dear lord if so! Good luck Kiwi & Shay May, good luck.

But before I leave, I wanted to share something with you.:
Shay May has a hole...In her neck...... So if her head is to the side, she has a neck disorder.

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