Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kiwi's 1 year birthday, being held at Kiwi Yogurt!

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I am inviting you all to baby kiwi's birthday. It's turning 1 year old on March 14th at 9:30 est time. We already had a family birthday party for the redhead but now it's time for you to come for kiwi's chance to shine! Join the family ''Jocelyn, Michael, Austin, Dakota, Tyler, and Shaymay'' for a special birthday party you will not forget! It will be held at Kiwi Yogurt on March 14th at 3 am est time. Special activites include tossing the babies into the blender, but the cool thing is they MIGHT still live! Another activity is swimming and exploring shay may's neck. Literally, you will be put inside it. Shaymay's birthday party will be held some time in June, so be on a lookout for that invitation. Come for an exciting amount of fun! we will try not to act like perverts ok

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