Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Kiwi- The First Day of School

So, just about 4-5 days ago, I brought Baby Kiwi to school with me! Since it was such a loving, caring, and special time, I thought I should share what it was like!

        I got showered with compliments! The godfather/grandfather, was introduced to the baby when I was like
 ''Do you want to see Baby Kiwi? I brought it to school!''
And he's like
and I said
 I then pulled out Baby Kiwi from my backpack and showed it to him.
''OMFG, WORDS CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW CUTE BABY KIWI IS!'' He said. That was sooo nice of him!
And, then of course, I thanked him and all... But that was before he tried to kill Baby Ki--- I mean... NOTHING!

And then I showed it to the godmother/grandmother, Jocelyn, and the conversation went like this, at the end of the day.
I pulled out Baby Kiwi from my backpack, held it properly, and gave it to Jocelyn.
''Awe, you made an adorable baby Natasha! Same with Micheal!''
''Thank you, sissy!''
She held it, and gave it so much care! I even gave it to Jocelyn to babysit, twice! And she was really happy, but sad, because she couldn't bare that cuteness! She even trained her dog to not kill it!

I showed it to my friends on the bus, and they all adored the little Baby Kiwi. :)

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